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Travel Medicine

Your Travel Medicine Visit

You will be traveling the world.  Let us help you navigate your travel medicine visit.


Your Travel Medicine Travel Chart



1.You are going to be leaving the country and believe you are in need of travel shots.


2. Michigan Avenue Immediate Care is conveniently located in the Loop of Chicago and can help you to meet your travel medicine needs.  No need to make an appointment; simply walk in to the clinic when it works well for you (at least 4-6 weeks in advance of your trip; please see ‘Additional Important Information’ below).


3. Arrive at the clinic with your identification, your vaccination record, any itinerary information you may have received and method of payment.


4. See the doctor for your travel consultation (this consultation should be approximately 30 minutes.


5. Receive the vaccines you have elected to receive, pay for the services rendered, the medical staff will complete your ICVP, and you wait on average 15 minutes as required by the physician to monitor your reaction to the vaccines.


6. Safe travels!




Patients are encouraged to visit the clinic for their travel medicine consultation with the doctor and receive their vaccines 4-6 weeks in advance of their visit for reasons including but not limited to 1-the completion of vaccine schedule for efficacy, and 2) the International Certificate for Vaccines and Prophylaxis becomes valid 10 days from the date of the visit and is required for admission to many countries at the point of entry.


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