About Dr. Kupkowski

Primary Care Physician & Urgent Care Doctor in The Loop, Chicago, IL

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Primary Care Physician & Urgent Care Doctor in The Loop, Chicago, IL

Michael Kupkowski, MD, is an adult primary care physician practicing at Michigan Avenue Primary Care, located in The Loop of downtown Chicago, Illinois. 

Dr. Kupkowski attended the University of Illinois-Champaign-Urbana, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in microbiology and Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. While an undergraduate, he worked as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor, focusing on the causes of addiction and dependence. Dr. Kupkowski later attended the University of California-Berkeley, where he earned a Master of Science with an emphasis on public health. He completed his medical degree at the University of California San Francisco and his residency through the MacNeal Family Medicine Residency Program in Illinois.

Dr. Kupkowski’s clinical interests include mental health, women’s health, and addiction medicine. He also has a keen interest in medical education/teaching and delivering healthcare to Spanish-speaking populations.

Dr. Kupkowski’s treatment philosophy is not only patient-centered but patient-directed. He treats his patients as he would like to be treated and works with them to facilitate their active involvement in their treatment plans.

Dr. Kupkowski loves the personal, societal, and cultural contexts through which patients tell their stories in their clinical encounters. He loves to speak Spanish and relishes the opportunity to make each clinical encounter one in which patients can walk away having had a positive and potentially powerful, enriching experience. Evidence-based medicine is constantly changing, and Dr. Kupkowski enjoys the challenge of keeping up-to-date with those changes.

When Dr. Kupkowski is not practicing medicine, he spends time with his family, enjoying the outdoors through hiking, backpacking, and long-distance running. He is also an avid fan of Chicago sports teams.


Dr. Michael (Mike) Kupkowski - MD