I'm Traveling Out of the Country. How Should I Prepare?

Aug 01, 2023
I'm Traveling Out of the Country. How Should I Prepare?
So you’re packing up and finally getting ready to take that trip overseas you’ve always wanted. What should you do to stay healthy while you’re away, and what can you do to be ready when you get there? Read on to find out more.

When the warm weather arrives, there’s also the urge to go out into the sun and enjoy the summer months. We’re still in the middle of summer, and for many, that means traveling abroad to enjoy the sights and sounds of new places and new adventures. 

According to this summer travel survey for this year, 85% of Americans want to journey, though many of them want to do it in the country. 

If you’re part of the percentage of people who want to travel overseas, are you prepared for the trip? Do you have all your medical needs attended to? And if not, how do you go about getting that done? 

If you live in the Chicago, Illinois, area, and you’re trying to stay healthy while traveling abroad, the team of medical specialists at Michigan Avenue Primary Care can help. Let’s take a look at how to get ready for summer travel outside the country by examining the health information you’ll need to know and tips to stay in good health while you’re away.

Before you go

No doubt you have your passport, clothes, and all the stuff you want to bring for the journey, but to be ready for the adventure, there are a few things you should take care of before you get on that flight:

Schedule a checkup

Get a full medical checkup before you leave. Understanding where you are healthwise will temper your expectations for your journey.

Research health advisories

Check health advisories for your destination. If specific diseases are a problem where you’re going, you’ll be ready.

Update vaccines

Be sure your vaccinations are updated. Make sure all of your immunizations for at home, as well as your travel destination, are done before you leave.

Put together a medical kit

Bring a basic medical package. This includes a first aid kit, over-the-counter medications, antibiotic ointments, sunscreen, and motion sickness pills.

While you’re away

After you’ve settled in at your destination, there are other needs that should be met to maintain your health:

Dress for the climate 

If the weather is different there than where you’re coming from, you’ll need to be sure to bring the right clothes or plan to get the proper attire as soon as you arrive. It can make the difference between being healthy and getting sunburned or contracting viruses. 

Make arrangements for disabilities

If you or someone you’re traveling with is in some way disabled, be sure any needs unique to those issues are met before making any big plans for sightseeing or other adventures while you’re away.

Avoid gastrointestinal diseases

Trying the local cuisine isn’t always a bad thing, but stomach problems from poorly prepared food or untreated water are a very common issue when abroad. So, wherever possible, use water purifiers or boil your water, avoid ice in drinks, avoid unpasteurized dairy products, be sure food is thoroughly cooked, and eat thick-skinned fruits you can peel yourself.

A trip outside the United States should be a fun journey, so follow these tips to ensure it stays that way. If you have any other concerns before taking an international trip, make an appointment with the team at Michigan Avenue Primary Care today. Call our office or schedule your visit online anytime.