About Dr. Lengyel

Urgent Care Doctor in The Loop, Chicago, IL

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Urgent Care Doctor in The Loop, Chicago, IL

Earning her medical degree from the University of Munich, Dr. Lengyel pursued further training in obstetrics and gynecology while in Germany before moving to the United States to work as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of California San Francisco.  After publishing multiple articles and book chapters, Dr. Lengyel returned to clinical medicine and completed her Family Medicine residency at West Suburban Medical Center.

Her treatment philosophy is to appreciate that every patient is different and in turn, to provide them with the deserved individual attention and treatment.  She believes in listening to patients, educating them about their diagnosis and treatment options, and caring about their wellbeing.  Dr. Lengyel values the inherent variety of Michigan Avenue Immediate Care’s patients who continually keep her “thinking, rethinking and learning”.

What Dr. Lengyel loves about being a physician: “I greatly enjoy meeting new people every day, listening to their stories, educating them, and helping them feel better. There is a very special connection between a physician and a patient and I am grateful for their trust and the opportunity to be part of their life.”

When Dr. Lengyel is not practicing medicine, she is spending time with family, skiing, reading or enjoying the theater.