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Mental Health services offered in The Loop, Chicago, IL

Between work, family, school, and the many other responsibilities of life, it’s easy to neglect your mental health. The skilled team at Michigan Avenue Primary Care treats mood disorders, attention disorders, and other conditions that affect your mind. To get back to feeling content, balanced, and motivated, call the office in The Loop of downtown Chicago, Illinois, to schedule a mental health appointment or book one online today.

Mental Health Q & A

Why is mental health important?

Your mental health is the aspect of your well-being that relates to your state of mind and your mind’s functioning. Maintaining your mental health is important at all stages of your life. Taking steps to improve your mental health helps you:

  • Keep up on your work
  • Maintain your physical health
  • Communicate with the people in your life
  • Sleep soundly
  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Concentrate
  • Enjoy things

Of course, the specific benefits of your mental health maintenance depend on which mental health conditions, if any, you suffer from, as well as your lifestyle.

What are some common mental health conditions?

The team at Michigan Avenue Primary Care is well-versed in diagnosing and treating many common mental conditions and disorders. With their providers, you can get expert help managing:

Attention deficit disorder (ADD)

Patients with ADD have difficulty being focused and attentive, often missing small details and getting easily distracted.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Much like ADD, people with ADHD have trouble focusing and are easily distracted. Additionally, they may be fidgety, squirmy, or talkative and have lots of energy.

Bipolar affective disorder

Men and women who have bipolar affective disorder experience extreme feelings on both ends of the spectrum. Sometimes you’re highly energetic and happy, or manic, while at other times, you’re extremely depressed and unable to function.

At either point, you may lose touch with reality because of your skewed perspective and struggle to live normally.

Major depressive disorder

Major depressive disorder, commonly called depression, is characterized by deep sadness and a feeling of emptiness. If you’re clinically depressed, you may be left with no energy or interest in working or completing even the simplest of tasks.

How can I manage my mental health disorder?

If you’re diagnosed with a mental health disorder, your provider works with you to form a personalized, long-term treatment plan. It may include:

  • Medications
  • Behavior therapy
  • Frequent follow-up appointments
  • Keeping a journal of your moods
  • Home care

Taking care of yourself at home is an important part of maintaining your mental health whether or not you have a disorder. It includes keeping good hygiene, getting plenty of sleep, and taking time for stress release and relaxation.

Your Michigan Avenue Primary Car provider can give you additional suggestions for maintaining your mental health between appointments.

No matter your stage of life, keeping up with your mental health helps you stay satisfied, productive, and relaxed. To check up on your mental health, call Michigan Avenue Primary Care or book an appointment online today.